Research Lines & Scope

Line 1: Indicators of performance and justice in the health system and society

  • Explain and determine inequality in physical, mental and social health
  • Determining the distribution of health status in social groups
  • Provide a model system for monitoring and evaluating social determinants of health
  • Designing a model for using people's participation in health promotion
  • Assessing the response rate of the health system
  • Check the status of health services coverage
  • Check the status of access and satisfaction of health services

Line 2: Social harms, social protection and social capital

  • Frequency and distribution of various social harms
  • Causes and underlying factors of social harms
  • Appropriate behavioral and social interventions regarding social harms
  • Methods of involving the community in promoting health status
  • Investigating the relationship between social support and health status

Line 3: Lifestyle and empowerment of people

  • Identify unhealthy lifestyles
  • Investigating the effect of behavior (individual social) on the health status of individuals
  • Investigating the effect of life skills training interventions on health

Line 4: Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Investigating the effect of residence conditions on health
  • Investigating the relationship between physical and social living environment and health status
  • Investigating the impact of transportation systems on health status
  • Investigating the effect of air pollution on health status
  • Studies related to tobacco and hookah

Line 5: Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Its Determinants

  • Epidemiological studies Prevalence, incidence and survival of cancers of the stomach, esophagus, breast, colon, skin, ...
  • Epidemiological studies in the field of trauma and road accidents
  • Epidemiological studies in the field of cardiovascular diseases
  • Studies related to the calculation of disease burden, economic burden and economic evaluation in the field of non-communicable diseases
  • Quality of life for patients with cancer and non-communicable diseases
  • Types of supportive and palliative care in patients with and non-communicable diseases
  • The effectiveness of education in prevention, care and rehabilitation
  • Cost effectiveness of different treatments on quality and quantity of life (QALY and DALY)
  • Determining the components of health economics in cancer prevention, care and treatment